Swing Shift's Musicians
Swing Shift Indy's Director is Dr. John Owen

        Dr. John Owen is the Music Director of Swing Shift Indy. He is recently retired from Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio where he was Director of Bands for 38 years. At Heidelberg, he was responsible for their concert bands, wind ensembles and  jazz band programs. He is also an accomplished trumpet soloist and teacher.      

Band Name
Band Name
Band Name
A big band's saxophone section consists of 2 alto saxophones with the lead alto player as the lead saxophone player. In addtion to the two alto saxes, there are two tenor sax players and one baritone sax player.

The saxophone sound is one of key elements in a big band's sound.
Trombones anchor the low end of the band's melodies and are the bass voice of the band. There are three tenor trombones and one bass trombone in a trombone section.
The trumpet section is the soprano voice of the band. The section can contain from 3 to 5 trumpets at any one time. The solo player is normally on the left end of the band as you look at it from the audience.
The rhythm section consists of a drummer, a keyboard player, a bass guitar and a guitar player. They provide the consistent "beat" necessary for the band to play a given chart.
Vocalists are the heart of emotion in a big band